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Welcome to The Perala Report. Enjoy interviews by the worlds top researchers and authors that look into the phenomenal aspects of the human experience, and the vast and sweeping changes in consciousness. Explore with us an in depth view into: Personal Growth, Spirituality, Behavioral Science, The Esoteric, The Mystery Schools, UFO / Extraterrestrial Reports, and more… We have just returned from filming on location at the world renowned Contact In The Desert conference  in Joshua Tree California where we are happy to present to you five new episodes of our show that feature the best in UFO and Extraterrestrial research. Also included are two new shows we filmed at The Secret Space Conference in San Mateo California, where we caught up with Daniel Sheehan author of The People’s Advocate, and Dannion Brinkley author of Saved By The Light. Thank you for checking in with us here at The Perala Report.

Robert Perala is the internationally acclaimed speaker and author of: The Divine Blueprint: Roadmap for the New Millennium and The Divine Architect: The Art of Living and Beyond. Explore the finer arts of: Personal Growth, Spirituality, The Esoteric Sciences, Metaphysics, Earth Based Anomalies, The Sacred Sites, Extraterrestrial Research and more…

 Robert Perala Productions

 Robert Perala & Tricia McCannon 

 Contact in the Desert 
Robert Perala & Mike Bara
Robert Perala & Erich von Däniken
Robert Perala & Nick Redfern
TravisWalton290Robert Perala & Travis Walton
Sheehan290Robert Perala & Daniel Sheehan
JamesGilliland290Robert Perala & James Gilliand



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